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Pet Sitting / House Sitting

Not everyone can be a hermit, we all have to leave home sometimes, that's where I come in. When you have a business trip, vacation or a family get together or just need a break,  call me. I will stay with your babies over night or just feed and walk them plus bring in your mail, newspaper, water your plants and make the house look like you're still around. I will keep their routine as close to what they are used to so the impact of your absence won't be so harsh.

Dogs and cats are the majority of my clients though I have also sat for and am familiar with goats, fish, rats, bees, horses, donkeys, llamas and chickens. I DON"T do Snakes. Deathly afraid, I realize it's an irrational fear but a fear none the less.

Prices vary so email for a quote and references.

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turning the ordinary into extraordinary


Pet Portraits

I don't have any pets of my own but I love them. I decided to incorporate two of my passions, animals and photography and Bitter Pugs  was born. Pets bring so much joy and laughter into your life so I thought capturing that on film, digital actually, would be a beautiful way to save memories and share the happiness with others.

Witty, Inappropriate and Colorful

Off-color is the fun I have in my spare time; who am I kidding, all the time. I believe life is what you make it and I'm gonna laugh all the way through. Most people will call it adult humor, which I guess it is, but I call it fun, inappropriate and colorful or more specific, I don't take myself or life all too seriously.  If profanity bothers you, DON'T click the links below.

There are 2 different sites you can find my products,, where all the handmade products are, such as necklaces, key chains, framed photos and pendants. And, where you can find calendars, mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, bumper stickers, and so much more custom designed for you.

Roaming Peru

I'm not sure that coffee table books are still in fashion, oh well, no one ever accused me of being fashionable. LOL. Back in 2009, I went on a medical mission to Machu Picchu, as their documentary photographer. A year later, I put together this photo book of all the experiences we shared and this is the result.

Purchase the book.

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