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Pop-Up Mini Sessions

TBA - More Pop-Up events are in the works and as some as I have the deets I'll add it to the list.

I am working on pet photos with Santa. More to come soon.



Beginner DSLR Photography

See the beauty around you and learn the basic techniques and styles to capture what you see.  Explore the basic foundations of photography in this class, which is intended for beginning photographers looking to improve their ability with a camera. Students will need a 35mm digital camera that allows you to change exposure settings manually. Additional topics will include a hands-on approach to shooting your camera, the basics of composition and lighting.

CREATIVE ARTS CENTER 2360 Laughlin Drive Dallas, TX 75228  214-320-1275 info@creativeartscenter.org


Instagram Savvy

Don’t let the fact that it’s a social media app scare you! If you’ve heard of it and not sure what it is but you wanna stay current, cool or relevant come join us. You will learn to maneuver through this app like a champ. By the end it will feel more like child’s play than work and you will be able to connect and share images and videos all around the globe.

Must have a smartphone and the latest version of Instagram (It’s free. Go to your app store on your smartphone and upload it.) No experience necessary.

Private Photo Lessons

$50.00 an hour, you choose the date and time

Customized to your interests, skill level and camera equipment, private lessons are a great way to maximize your learning experience. Email me your contact information,  a short description of your photography interests for the class with available dates and times for the lesson.

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